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Daily Archives: September 3, 2013

Holding on to the Strength Matt Strong I’m well into the season now and workouts are all about maintaining the strength built up in the off-season. I’m still not 100% from a shoulder injury I sustained a month ago, but i have been able to squat for the duration so no matter. My new program […]

Jump jump jump.

Here is the session I did yesterday. The object of this workout is to develop speed/power without using to many weights so I don’t over tax my CNS and slow down recovery. I’m not sure how successful this was as I feel quite beat up this morning. Ah well. 10 kg medicine ball throws. 4 […]

Power Porridge!!!!

Greetings all, in my quest for impressive massiveness diet is the most crucial factor. I’ll repeat that for the hard-of-thinking ‘diet is crucial’. Your body, generally speaking, seeks equilibrium it wants to remain the same. Increasing your calorific intake by an extra rice cake a day and having 1 cheat meal a week will achieve […]