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Daily Archives: September 3, 2013

5/3/1 continued.

WEEK 2, DAY 1 First off let me give you a bodyweight update. I’m up to a massive and uncomfortable 17 stone 12 pounds (250lbs or 113.6kg), which is officially the heaviest I have ever been. My plan is to, hopefully, hit 18 stone this week and then hold it there until the 1st of […]

5/3/1 – Rain stops play.

WEEK 1, DAY 3 AND 4 COMBINED I was supposed to train yesterday and do my squats but the gym roof was leaking like a sieve, and so rather than training I was running around like a Blue-arsed Fly stressing about all manner of stuff.So rather then miss out on squats (never!), I doubled up […]

The final countdown

Hi, it’s Matt here. Well it’s the last week of this current programme, Although it may be a tad dull to keep writing up the same 3-4 workouts each week, I hope you can see that I have reached my objectives. Strength maintenance was the goal here and the numbers have been consistent throughout, even […]