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A new dawn

Good evening sports fans,

It’s Monday which is always my favourite session of the week. Couple that with the completion of a strength and conditioning workshop over the weekend and I was raring to go. Pete had written my new program some time ago, however, my shoulder injury has delayed its beginning unitil now. My shoulder is still not 100%, but despite this I have decided to get on with the movements I can, which to be honest is most of them just lighter than usual. The course was run by the UKSCA and covered fundamental gym movements like squats and deadlifts. The outcome of the course apart form the knowledge, is that my mobility is not what it could be and therefore once again I am going to have to re-learn my movement patterns, in particular my squat.

Onto the program.

Most of my main lifts still exist although I am training with 5 reps instead of 3 for my primary exercises. Snathces (a new one for me) and cleans are in, as well as light benching and light overhead pressing.


Snatches 5 x 3 (50kg)

Squats 3 x 5 (120kg)

Chin ups 3 x 5 (body weight)

RDLs 3 x 5


Toes 2 bar (not completed as abs are too sore)

Dips (first time in six weeks ive been able to do body weight yeah!!!!)

That’s all she wrote,

Go forth……..get massive yeah.

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