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Daily Archives: September 3, 2013

5/3/1 – Bench press epic fail.

Grrrr…..Snarl……gnash.My shoulder is giving a bit of shit at the moment. It only hurts when benching so I’m not overly concerned about it. Sensibly, for once, I thought ,rather than ignore the problem and train on regardless, I would try to find an alternative exercise that doesn’t aggravate it. I tried everything; incline, decline, flat, […]

5/3/1 – day 2 week 3. Deadlifts.

And so the last week of 5/3/1 marches on. Since switching to the hex-bar I’m a lot more comfortable with my deadlifting technique, so much so that the weights I’m currently lifting are woefully on the light side. Fortunately with that last set of max-rep madness you always limp away with the feeling you’ve done […]

5/3/1 – week 3 day 1

This is the last heavy week of this current 5/3/1 cycle, the idea being that next week I deload and take it easy letting the body recover and decondition a bit. Then I start the 5/3/1 thing all over again but with slightly heavier weights.I have really enjoyed doing the program and, along with a […]