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5/3/1 – Bench press epic fail.

My shoulder is giving a bit of shit at the moment. It only hurts when benching so I’m not overly concerned about it. Sensibly, for once, I thought ,rather than ignore the problem and train on regardless, I would try to find an alternative exercise that doesn’t aggravate it. I tried everything; incline, decline, flat, narrow grip, wide grip, dumbbells, cables, partials and every possible combination of positions, grips and equipment choices.
It wasn’t a total success, although I now know what exercises hurt it more then my regular training. Anything involving a narrower grip and a neutral hand position (hammer grip) was the least painful and so it was with that in mind I phoned the good people at Watson Gym Equipment and ordered a Swiss Bar, which should make heavy benching more comfortable at best. And at worst at least the gym has a new bar to play with.

For what it’s worth here’s the session:

Lots of various quite heavy benching done for 3-5 reps
Dumbbell rows – 12 x 32.5kg 12 x 42.5kg
Kroc rows – 18 reps with 50kg

Ta ra, Dave.

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