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5/3/1 – day 2 week 3. Deadlifts.

And so the last week of 5/3/1 marches on. Since switching to the hex-bar I’m a lot more comfortable with my deadlifting technique, so much so that the weights I’m currently lifting are woefully on the light side. Fortunately with that last set of max-rep madness you always limp away with the feeling you’ve done a great session. It’s very important with this program that you don’t take too greater leaps ahead with the weights. Don’t worry, be patient, let it happen gradually and, trust me, you’ll smash through your current 1 rep maxes like they’re nothing.

Today’s session:

Skipping 5 mins
Some snatches and cleans to get warmed up.
Deadlift – 5 x 105kg 3 x 120kg 15 x 120kg
Good mornings – 5 sets of 12 reps working up to 120kg (This is my new favorite exercise)
Some vague and pointless tricep pushdowns done with bad grace because my dodgy shoulder wouldn’t let me do dips.

That’s all folks,

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