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5/3/1 – download week – pressing stuff.

To my mind a good download week should be a break from the norm and re-kindle any lost enthusiasm. It doesn’t have to be easier, per say, just different. With this in mind I plan to borrow an idea from Christian Thibaudeau over at the always excellent T-nation site. The idea is to start with military press and ramp up the weight over many sets until the weight becomes to heavy to perform quality reps and then change the exercise into push press. Then I do the same thing again, keep adding weight, but this time when it gets to heavy change into incline bench press. Again follow the keep adding weight protocol each set until you max out and change to your last pressing exercise, in my case floor press.
A change, they say, is as good as a rest. I didn’t keep track of the reps, sets or weights. I just got my groove on, supersetted most sets with some TRX work for rear delts/rhomboids, and kept moving fairly quickly. Reps were between 2 and 5 on the main exercise and 5 – 10 on the TRX. Good workout.

Deadlifts tomorrow, whoop, whoop.
See you then, Dave.

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