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5/3/1 – My thoughts on the 1st cycle.

Well, that’s it. It’s done. Complete. Over. Gone. Out. My 1st 3 week cycle of Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 program has come to an end, I have a week of download ahead of me and then I do the whole thing over again. I thought I would share with you the results and my feelings towards this simple and, as you shall soon see, effective workout routine.
First, the results. It’s worth pointing out that I followed this program to the letter and did not try to adapt it to suit myself. I’ve been in the lifting game for 26 years and I’m only to happy to admit that Mr Wendler knows his shit better then I do. So why oh why do people feel that they can take a tried and trusted program and then change it. At the gym we get this all the time, I’ve had people do the 20 squat program (a work of genius that even pre-dates me) and follow a cutting style diet at the same time. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Stupid stupid deluded fools. NOOOO!!! You can’t have a lean mass workout. NOOOOO!!! You can’t do a powerlifting routine whilst training for a marathon. YEEEEESSSS!!!! You have to train your bloody legs you ridiculous, over tanned, hair-gelled, preacher bench junkie.
Anyway, this is what sticking to a good routine and eating 5-6000 calories everyday did for me.

1. My body weight has gone from 16 stone (224lbs/102kg) up to 18 stone 2 pounds (254lbs/115kg).

2. This took less then 2 months to achieve and, although, some of it is definitely fat, a hell of a lot of it is muscle.

3. In the same period my thighs have gone from 27 inches up to 29 inches!! I am personally gob-smacked by this. It’s possibly the biggest my legs have EVER been and I haven’t even begun to get near any heavy weights for my lifts yet.

4. My arms have gone from 16 1/2 inches up to 18 inches. Which is made even more impressive by the fact that my entire cannon of arm work has consisted of 5 sets of 15 rep curls done with a light weight once a week.

5. I have always managed to lift more from 1 session to the next. This is, of course, made possible by starting the program with way less then my max weights.

6. Motivation and enthusiasm levels are sky high and I find myself getting excited about the next workout.

All in all this is a fantastic routine to follow and I’m looking forward to the next 3 cycles. I will probably keep everything more or less the same maybe only swapping out the odd exercise.

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