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5/3/1 – the last big ‘un.

Today is the last of my 5/3/1 workouts before a week of download. Fittingly it’s a leg session, which is great because nothing leaves me feeling more finished then brootal squattage.

Here it is:

5 mins skipping
3 sets of squats done with lightish weights to get the blood flowing
Squats – 5 x 75kg 3 x 85kg 15 x 95kg (all squats are done ass-2-grass)
Front squats – 5 sets of 10 reps @ 62.5kg
Sprints – 5 x 40 metres out the front of the gym

And that was it. So simple and yet, as I write this the following morning, my legs are just trashed.

I plan to add more sprints, about 1 per week.

Next week on download I will keep with the same exercises but at much lighter weights and will do some more conditioning.

My diet will also change a bit as well. I have been eating total crap in an attempt to put the weight on, now I’m there I plan to keep the calories still very high (5000ish) but cut out the sugar completely. I don’t want to get any heavier but, hopefully, maintain my 18 stone (+/- 5lbs 2kg). I have already cooked up a weeks worth of food and frozen it in handy sized portions, roast dinners are the way forward.

Yours in metal,

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