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5/3/1 – the week in brief

Sorry about the brevity of this weeks postings, blame the weather or Santa’s elfs or me being a bit rubbish. It’s been a decent weeks training despite having a day off due to a dodgy stomach and having way to little sleep. Also, if truth be known, my diet has been rubbish since hitting my 18 stone target. More effort is required on the eating and the conditioning front. It’s Christmas next week and so I plan to smash myself to bits everyday at the gym and enjoy the time off training with a clear conscience. The new year will hold no great surprises or radical change of plans, I’ll keep chipping away with the 5/3/1 and just fine tune my diet. I still want to get stronger in all the major lifts and 5/3/1 seems the best way to get there.

Anyway, here’s the week:

MONDAY – Shoulders (already blogged this one)

TUESDAY – Deadlifts – 5 x 100kg 5 x 120kg 15 x 135kg
Good mornings – 5 sets of 12 reps working up to 140kg

WEDNESDAY – Throwing up all night, thought it best not to train.

THURSDAY – Quite a gentle bench press session, I figured any sudden movements could result in me being sick on a squat rack. Which would be sacrilege. I also used it as an opportunity to play with the newly arrived ‘Swiss bar’. It is, supposedly, a way to train heavy pressing movements without buggering up the shoulder to much. Given that my shoulder is far from perfect I figured it was worth a crack. I found it awkward to use on my heavier sets (not actually that heavy, about 120kg) as it’s a bit of a sod to balance but I imagine with a small amount of practice it will prove to be beneficial. In addition I also did some floor press and played on the Hammer Strength bench press machine. I hit all the numbers I was supposed to but didn’t feel totally satisfied with my efforts. Ah well, poor me.

FRIDAY – Squats – This is about the only change I’ve made from the previous 5/3/1 cycle. I’ll be doing front squats as my primary exercise and back squats as my assistance. My motivation for this is the photo below of Dave Draper front squatting 140kg to the floor like it’s nothing. I have never managed a 140kg front squat before but now it’s in my sights.
Front squat – 5 x 60kg 5 x 65kg 15 x 70kg
Back squat ass to grass – 5 sets working up to 140kg.

SATURDAY – An unplanned extra workout as I had to cover a shift at the gym and it would have been rude not to have a little play. I didn’t do anything particularly constructive just messed around on the landmine and did some bicep stuff.

Good lifting,

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