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Another day, another full-body workout.

To make up for Christmas over indulgence and almost coma levels of inactivity I decided that another full-body workout was exactly what I needed. In this, as well as so many other things, I was disastrously wrong.

Yesterday’s session went well enough, but then strength training doesn’t really make you sore the next day. For bone-deep pain you need reps because reps cause huge amounts of lactic acid to build up and wreak your muscles with all the left over waste products. The idea for today’s session was to basically to do the same as yesterday but with different exercises and higher reps. One of the things I didn’t take in consideration was the demands that were asked of my non-existent cardio. This 10 rep stuff is a bitch.

That’s enough whinging, here’s today’s workout:

Warm up – Shuffled haphazardly on a treadmill whilst wobbling alarmingly. I am a slug.

Neural charge section – A few cleans, snatches, jumps, plyo-press ups, squats and that kind of thing to wake up the old central nervous system.

Push press – 10 x 60kg 10 x 65kg 10 x 70kg
Superset with – Lat pulldown – 10 x 60kg 10 x 70kg 10 x 80kg

Floor press with Swiss bar – 10 x 55kg 10 x 75kg 10 x 95kg 5 x 115kg 5 x 125kg
Superset with – Bent over row with the same weight and same reps.

Incline bench press – I loaded the bar with 60kg and did 50 reps in as few sets as possible, resting only 20-30 secs between sets. I managed 20+10+5+3+3+3+3+3=50
Superset with – Bent over row – same thing but did it all in 1 set.

At this point I was feeling sick and had only partial hearing in my left ear, which I took to be a good sign and cracked on with some:

Good mornings – 5 sets of 10 reps working up to 140kg

I had a vague plan to do some squats after this but, instead, almost fainted and had to lie down for quite a long time. Time to draw the workout to a close I felt.

Yours in mild shock and in need of medical attention,

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