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Before and after

Ok just stumbled across a photo of my self and Emil at a Dave’s Gym staff party about two years ago. We thought it would be funny to take a current photo and compare the two images.

Christmass 2008
December 2010
Clugston / Project Goliath (L -R)
As you can see there is a big difference. In the first photo I weighed around 12 and half stone. I was training 5 times a week, sometimes more. I was eating very clean, cutting out carbs after 6pm. I think I entered the mens health comp around this time.
Now two years later I weigh 15 st, train 3 – 4 times over an eight day cycle ( I find a week is not enough time for my body to complete heavy dead-lifts and squats, whilst getting enough recovery). My training spilt usually includes pull day, of deads, chins, rows, push day bench, military and legs. This changes from time to time as I switch from strength to hypertrophy. On the whole I am training less, going harder and heavier whilst in the gym. I have cut cardio out of my routine but may do 5 mins skipping to warm up. Overall I take more rest and listen to my body. If I feel tired I won’t train. 2 years ago I would do 4 day split with a boot camp session on a Sunday.
Diet wise I eat when I am hungry, which is every 3 hours and eat anything. Before I was not getting enough carbs to gain mass and being too fussy with what I ate. 2 years ago I was working maybe a 50 – 60 hr week plus doing 3 dj sets a week, so I was constantly tired. Now I sleep as much as I need and work a 30 hr week.
So anyone out there wanting to get bigger keep it simple. Go heavy, train harder for less time. Make your work outs efficient. Eat loads don’t be scared to put on a little weight. Learn your compound lifts, don’t over train. Get plenty of rest.
It goes to show that it takes time to get bigger and stronger but be patient and it will happen. I have been training for 4 years but only in the last two years I have started to understand how my body responds to training and how to train well. I am still learning.
As for Emil he consumes 7000 kl a day, and does a push day of bench military, pull bent over rows deads and squats (check out his blog for his full training plan http://www.projectgoliath.co.uk/)
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