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Getting that 1st post-xmas workout done.

Ahh Christmas, quality family time, relaxation and a slight over indulgence with the calories and booze. Or, if you’re like me, 3 poorly kids driven to distraction with excessive sugar consumption, frantic family visitations and gluttonous binge feeding of epic proportions.
I feel like a slug. It’s not the time off training, after all it has only been 6 days. Nor is it the massive amounts of calories, I’ve spent the last 3 months gorging on shit in an attempt to hit 18 stone. What has left me feeling like hammered dog-crap is the shear amount of inactivity I have been subjected to. Normally I am pretty active, even on a non-training day, but the waddle from the sofa to the dining table has been the absolute extent my swollen carcass has had to cope with.

All of which leaves me with the most important question of all to ask myself:

What should my 1st workout back be?

I decided against doing 47 sets of chest and bicep workout and opted, somewhat sensibly, to do a full body session and get used to moving properly again.

Here is what I did:

Warm up – A little bit of running to get my heart rate up. Which didn’t take very long as it seems my blood has been substituted with gravy.

Neural Charge Section – Basically an extended warm up using explosive movements to prime the body for the coming workout. I’ll be posting some more info about this soon, but it’s a great way to get a better performance out of your workout.

The Workout – I decided to do ALL my 5/3/1 lifts in the same workout. I started with a light weight and did 3-5 fast reps and then did a ‘movement’ exercise also for 3-5 reps, then increase the weight and go again.

Military press – 5 x 20kg 5 x 40kg 5 x 50kg 3 x 60kg 3 x 70kg 3 x 80kg
Superset with – Throwing power-bags 3 reps.

Deadlift with hex bar – 3 x 65kg 3 x 85kg 3 x 105kg 3 x 125kg 3 x 145kg 1 x 165kg
Superset with – Glute/ham stretch (I did this on the deadlift machine and just stuck my arse out backwards as far as possible in a romanian style movement) 3 reps I then also did a Power clean 1 rep.

Bench press – 5 x 40kg 5 x 50kg 5 x 60kg 3 x 80kg 3 x 100kg 3 120kg (I could of gone heavier but I was training before the gym opened and didn’t fancy dropping a loaded bar on my throat).
Superset with – Plyometric press ups on a bench 3 reps.

Front squat – 5 x 20kg 5 x 40kg 5 x 50kg 5 x 60kg 3 x 70kg 3 x 80kg 3 x 90kg 3 x 100kg (as previously mentioned I’m doing these instead of back squats for 2 reasons; 1 – I want to front squat 140kg, 2 – I’m very glute and hamstring dominant and need some more quad to balance things out. I’d like to think that it’s because of all my years of martial art training but, I suspect, it’s just because I have a big fat arse).

That’s all for now, but there will be more posts coming soon.

Cheers, Dave.

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