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He lured me in with his shiny tackle, then slapped me in the face with a workout.

Come down at 7.45am he says. It’ll be fine he says. You won’t even remember those squats tomorrow he says. I can now tell you HE is a liar.

Moaning over here it is,

600m row
5x press ups
20x toes to bar

400m row
10x press ups
15x toes to bar

200m row
15 press ups
10 toes to bar

100m row
20 press ups
10 toes to bar

13mins 40s job done.

N.B it probably worth noting that I threw my toys out of the pram after about 5 reps on the second lot of toes to bar and did knee raises instead. If you haven’t read this bit until after the workout….lesson learned.


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