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It was a new dawn, now it’s about noonish.

Hi all,

Yesterday was day two of the new program. I took Tuesday morning off to try and recover from both Monday’s session and any remaining fatigue from the weekend’s course. I mentioned in an earlier post that my training is built around the main big lifts, as these give me the best balance between full body stimulation and performance. As Pete kindly pointed out to me, some of my numbers were not quiet what they should have been for the reps I was doing. Although this is disappointing it is a good opportunity to to raise the issue of peaks and troughs in training. Basically you can’t be a monster every time you step foot in the gym. To expect yourself to hit peak performance all the time is unrealistic.

Many things can effect your ability to perform optimally in the gym. Amount of sleep, dietary variation, central nervous system fatigue and mental focus are but a few. There are two main areas where I think people can overcome this problems. First is to rest, as many people over look this very simple fundamental of weights based resistance training. You do not grow in the gym. You grow whilst you are resting and fueling your body. Cut your session down and rest for longer between sessions. Second is to except that these days will happen no matter how hard you try and eliminate them. However, if your over all frequency of training remains high over a year then training anomalies make up only a small proportion of your total effort. Whereas if you only do ten sessions, then a bad one accounts for ten percent of your total effort, significantly higher than say one in a possible two hundred sessions.

Cleans 5×3 (70/80/90/90/90kg)

Deadlift 3×5 (160/180/160kg)

D/B walking lunge 3×5 each leg (45kg)

Push press 3×5 (80/80/80kg)

Didn’t feel up to the assistance exercises but here they are for you anyway

Pull ups 2 x 10
Hanging knees to elbows 2 x 10

Love peace and chicken grease,


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