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Last big weights of 2010

Merry Christmas to all,

This will be my last blog from this fair island of ours during 2010 because of as of tonight I’m on holiday and as of Tuesday I’ll be in Dubai. I hope to do some training while out there, but heavy weights is not an option. This is no great Sheiks as my body could do with a rest and a holiday should be just that. Anyway here is the last workout from Dave’s of 2010.

Cleans 3×3 (90kg)

Dead lifts 3×5 (140/180/200kg)
(the 200kg was 4 reps)

Push press 3×5 (80kg)

I missed out D/B lunges becasue A. my bum was hurting and B. I was running late for a physio appointment (and my bum was hurting)

Enjoy your festive season,


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