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Legs with the love god!

This is a late report on my leg training with the Welsh champ from Monday. We started off with leg press gradually building up to 3 working sets of around 390 – 400kg.

Then we moved straight on to leg extension’s 3 sets of 10 on 20kg. The idea of the session was to pre exhaust our legs before going into squats.
Squat time. with Ken doing 3 sets of 180 for 8 reps I decided to join him and go heavier. Now in my first week of strength training I did warm up sets starting with 100 kg. With a rep range of 4 – 6 I added 20kgs each set until I hit 180kg. Then with Ken’s motivation I went for 190kg for 3 reps. This was pretty comfortable so with Kenny promising me a kiss and dinner, I smashed out 200kg for two reps. I was very pleased.
Another great leg session with King Mudoola.
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