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The one after the Christmas party before

Good afternoon disciples of Dave’s,

My blog activity over the last week has been poor I know. My excuse? Well I have to use up my holiday before the end of the year so I had a week off. I barely thought about training for a whole six days. In fact I was the anti-christ of training and I loved it. The problem with a week off that ends with the eagerly awaited staff xmas party is that Monday’s session is a bitch. I did managed to do it all, but at what cost? Tomorrow should be fun.

Snatch 5×3 (60kg)

Squats 3×5 (140kg)

Wide arm chins 3×5

RDLs 3×5 (70kg)

Assistance excercises

Dips 2×10 (B/W)
Toes 2 bar 2×10 (B/W)

That is all,


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