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5/3/1 – chest destruction

Just a quick post to tell you about today’s AWESOME chest workout.

3 mins crosstrainer to get the blood pumping.

Push press superset with bag throws – this is an idea stolen without shame from T-nation’s uber-coach Christian Thibaudeau. My 40 year old shoulders are no longer in pristine condition, they’re not completely bollocksed but benching can and does aggravate them. Coach Thib’s idea is to do shoulder and incline pressing movements before benching therefore thoroughly warming up the entire shoulder region.
I didn’t quite do this but did do 5 sets of increasingly heavy push press followed by randomly hurling around the 10 kg powerbag.

Bench press – 4 warm up sets @ 60/70/80/90kg for 3 fast reps followed with some TRX face-pulls. Then having finally decided I was warmed up enough I did: 5 x 97.5kg 5 x 105kg 10 x 110kg

Dips – 4 sets of 10 reps with 1 min rest between sets.

Dumbbell bench press – 4 sets of 12 reps @ 25kg, 1 min rest.

Tricep pushdowns – 5 sets of 20 reps (these hurt), 1 min rest.

Press ups – 4 sets to failure (somewhat unsurprisingly these were not very high rep sets, I think I managed 4 reps on my last one), 1 min rest.

Huge pumps and swollen body parts abound, looking forward to legs tomorrow already.

Yours in chalk and steel,

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