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5/3/1 – finally, a new start!

Bloody hell, nearly 2 weeks into the new year and only now do I begin my new program.
I’m still going to be following Jim Wendler’s (may his loins be forever fruitful) 5/3/1 regime as it’s so damn good. Not only is it good but it is almost infinitely flexible. As long as you start the workout with the 3 prescribed sets you can do, pretty much, what you like.
I’m still trying to maintain my weight at 18 stone so I’m not going to go completely berserk with the cardio, however, I feel awful. I move around like a pregnant elephant and have difficulty putting my socks on as my gut gets in the way. Enough of Mr Fat Bastard, time to introduce some conditioning.

2 x 1min skipping

Neural charge exercises – clean jump/clean high pull/ jerk – 3 circuits 3 reps

Push press – 5 x 75kg 5 x 80kg 5 x 85kg last set was a bitch.

Dumbbell shoulder press – 4 x 10 reps @ 22.5kg

Lateral raise/EZ bar curls superset – 4 x 12 reps @ 12.5kg/27kg

Bent over laterals/preacher curls superset – 4 x 12 reps @ 12.5kg/17kg

Sprints on treadmill (sprints, pah!) – 30 secs on 30 secs off @ 10/10.5/11/11.5/12/12.5kmph.

T’was a good workout and it was nice to have a solid sweaty session.

Yours forever onwards and upwards,

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