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Cardio – So, what the hell is MetCon?

As I have waffled on about in previous posts, here at Dave’s Gym, we’re not massive fans of endless treadmill pounding just for the sake of it. Far better to get fit doing something a bit more interesting and effective.

All of which brings me to MetCon or Metabolic Conditioning, which is what Crossfit is basically. In essence it’s circuit training with a few alterations. Normal circuit training is done for amount of time or a mad amount of reps. MetCon is generally done for fewer reps and with higher weights. In MetCon training you would normally pick 3 – 5 exercises and then do 3 -5 circuits of them. There are no real rules as far as putting a MetCon session together but try to pick big compound movements/olympic lifts/kettlebells/bodyweight movements/spints etc. Be inventive and put together body-part specific circuits or full-body destroyer sessions, it’s all good.

Today is my cardio/conditioning workout and I have been very slack on the conditioning front as of late. To make up for general slackness this is what I did:

5 mins stepper to kickstart the ol’ ticker

Fat bar snatches – 5 reps
Ab roll-outs – 5 reps 3 circuits of little or no rest
Trx T-rows – 10 reps

Fat bar jerks – 5 reps
Ab roll-outs – 5 reps 3 circuits of little rest
Trx Y-rows – 10 reps

Fat bar cleans – 5 reps
Ab roll-outs – 5 reps 3 circuits of a bit more rest
Trx rotations – 10 reps

Fat bar overhead squats – 5 reps 3 circuits of quite a lot of rest
Trx rows

4 x 20 second sprints at 15kmph

It was my best cardio based workout of the year and the first time that I didn’t feel close to death at some point during or immediately after the session. Any progress is good progress.

Yours optimistically,

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