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It’s 2011, let’s make some promises we probably won’t keep

Hello all,

I decided to take stock over the Christmas break and have came to a conclusion that I’m going to be more adventurous by being more controlled. Let me explain. As a trainer I spend much of the day talking to people about the best ways to get what they want: diet, training, supplements etc. The truth is I’m not a saint and sometimes it’s not easy to walk the talk.

I’ve caught myself in the odd mirror of over the Xmas period and after an honest assessment I’ve decided that although it’s great telling people I’m 16st, having to concede each time that its not all rippling muscle has become a point of annoyance. In order that my ego doesn’t become too bruised I’ve convinced myself that as long as I don’t lose any strength then losing the extra lbs is a good thing.

So here is the plan,

Training remains the same, with the added bonus of being fully recovered from A/C shoulder problem.

Booze is off the menu until the end of February (in men this is a serious cause of gut development, giving up quickens the onset of results.)

Now for the fiddly bits:

1) I’m taking out the carbs from one of my shakes during the day.

2) I’m making a power porridge in the morning and splitting it into two meals

3) I’m losing the daily malt loaf.

4) And finally no more complex carbs as part of my evening meal.

Things that are in are more vegetables and vast amounts more planning into each days food preparation.

Now there are some stipulations to go along with this new change in status. Performance dips are normally associated with poor recovery rates, therefore if extra muscle glycogen is needed I can incorporate more carbs as and when. The reason for these small lifestyle changes is simple. Practice what you preach and try and better yourself from the year before. I’ve tried not to be too ambitious with what I’m doing in order that I can sustain it for longer than anybody who has done the opposite.

Love, peace and chicken grease.


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