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Pete the feet’s adventure

Good-day sports fans,

I don’t usually blog on the Dave’s gym site but I’ve been asked to write about my latest venture by Mr. Strong so here it is- Firstly I didn’t want this to sound like a sales pitch but rather a straight up insight in to what I’m doing at the moment.

On the 22nd January 2011 I opened up my own gym with two of my best friends whom I’ve had an existing business with for the past 12 months.

For years I’d been frustrated with not being able to find a gym where you can lift heavy, socialise with like minded people who share the same passions about exercise and fitness, not be told off for shouting at some one going for a PB, taking your shoes off and listening to music which wasn’t on the top 40 the previous week! I found Dave’s gym in 2009 in my 2nd year of university and was instantly hooked to the awesome atmosphere and environment of the place and was convinced this was the kind of place I wanted to train. For the past two years I’ve worked here as a motivator, gym instructor and most recently for the past 12 months a personal trainer and class instructor.
It was during these past 12 months I developed aspirations of owning and running my own training centre- and that dream came true this month. At BSTC we are passionate about two things; the power of exercise to transform and a belief that everyone, whatever the shape, age or level of fitness can improve their well-being through quality coaching and support.
3 trainers, Dan, Pete & Michael, are behind BSTC. We have over 25 years experience of helping people from all walks of life, change and transform their lives. We wanted to offer people, and ourselves, an alternative to the mind numbing gym sessions where you spend hour after hour on the treadmill with little or no results and very little enjoyment. Hells Kettlebells bootcamp, our first adventure, was created 12 months ago and from its success we decided it was time to go one step further and offer a facility that could help everyone achieve their goal regardless of what it is.
At BSTC, we thrive on helping people change their lives …for good! We also know that everyone is different and that’s why our gym is different. We offer 1:1 personal training, 3:1 semi-private training, and a variety of group classes, open gym and specialist courses to cater for everyone’s individual preferences. We have the kind of equipment that is normally only seen in professional sports clubs. You may not recognize every piece of equipment in here, but it all has a specific purpose and we have the knowledge and skills to teach you how to use them to your advantage.

Welcome to the Boat Shed Training Centre

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