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Good afternoon sports fans,

It’s been a week since my last blog, meaning three workouts to post along with the diet update. Last Friday was my pre match energizer session, based around full body stimulation performed at an intensity that won’t hinder performance the following day. Monday and Wednesday fell into the category of same shit different day, with Tuesday’s session being the surprise package of the week as it only took me 7mins.

Updates on the diet are as follows:

  • I haven’t been left wanting for anything, during the day.
  • Reducing complex carbs in the evening hasn’t effected my recovery thus far.
  • Being on the wagon means weekends are actual rest days.
  • My veg intake is much better now that I’m planning meals days in advance.

Friday 14/1/11

Snatch 10-7-4-1 (20/30/50/65kg)

Bench press 3×3 (90kg)

Barbell Jammer 3×3 (30kg)

S/A D/B row (50kg) –done without a bench or wall for support.st art each rep form the floor

Finisher: two rounds of

Burpees 6
Rock’n’rolls 8 (each side)
Jammer 10 (each side)

Monday 17/1/11

Cleans 10-7-4-1 (30/40/90/120kg)- new 1RM

Deadlifts 3×5 (130kg)

5×1 (200kg)

Push Jerk 3×3 (100kg)

Tuesday 18/1/11

500m Row
TRX press with knee tuck x 10
Box Jumps x 10
500m Row

Time:6.55mins (the exercises inbetween the row are to be performed twice through)

Wednesday 19/1/11

D/B snatch 10-7-4-1 (17.5, 25, 35, 50kg)

Squat 3×5 (90kg)

5×1 (140,160kg)

Weighted Pull Ups 3×3 (20kg)

All done, if you have any question about these workouts or anything else regarding training or nutrition let us know via email, Facebook, or ask at the reception for an appointment.


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