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Training with the Bish.

So today was supposed to be a conditioning day but Dan Bishop, one of the guys that works for me, asked me to join him for a shoulder and chest workout and I couldn’t find a way to say no.
Now Dan is a big, strong lump of a man so I fully expected to get my arse handed to me.
We started with a round of boxing to get the shoulders warmed up and a few dislocations with an empty bar supersetted with some random arm waving on the TRX. Bish is on a strength training kick at the moment so we started with Military press and after a few lightish sets we did 3 sets of 3 reps @ 45/50/57.5kg (on the last set we did max reps – about 8).

It was then on to more heavy stuff and Jerks. I’m not the best at jerks but we kept adding weight until, after about 47 sets, I got up to 100kg. I tried 105kg but failed where as Bish threw it up with no drama whatsoever. Git.

We decided that our elbow joints had suffered enough abuse at this point and did some nice light Bench press, but bench press with a twist. The bar was loaded up to 60kg and we had to do 5 sets of 20 reps with only a minutes rest. If you couldn’t complete all 20 reps then you had to make up the number with Press ups. For example if you only managed 7 reps on the bench press then you would have to do 13 press ups to bring your total up to 20. I think I managed the first 2 sets at full reps but then did a 15 rep set, then a 10 rep one and finally a dismal 5 repper. Meanwhile the press ups became impossible, we were reduced to doing them on our knees and even then, by the last set, I could not do 1 single rep.

Dips came next which was, to be frank, a joke. I think I squeezed 4 crappy ones out before crumbling to the floor. After that I was strictly on the chin/dip assist. Nevertheless we still did 3 more sets before doing 5 sets of 20 reps of Tricep pushdowns to completely finish ourselves off.

Great workout.

Yours brokenly,

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