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Afternoon followers of the davesgymblog,

I have taken a blogging sabbatical recently, not for any particular reason, but I feel now is time to break up some of Dave’s posts with one of my own. Two weeks ago I had my deload week and had hoped to explain why they are a good idea etc. Unfortunately for me I took so long to get round to it Dave has written it already. Instead I think I’ll have a quick rant about range of movement (ROM).

It doesn’t matter where you go or what exercise it is, we all know someone who is guilty of this most heinous of gym crimes. In the quest to move heavier and heavier loads, men especially, just ignore the fact the that the distance they are moving the weight is minuscule. Some people do it by accident as they haven’t been shown what an actual true rep looks like, however, more often than not it happens because ego gets in the way.
Don’t get me wrong I have certainly been caught sinning whilst I’ve been training, the difference being however, once I was called out on it I have made a conscerted effort to improve my ROM on all movements. This has meant that on paper for instance my squat has actually got smaller but in reality I can know hold my head high beacause I left my bravado at the door. Aside from the fact that you are lying about how much you can lift there are much more serious reasons why you should improve your ROM.

  • Strength development will only occur over the range at which you move the load and upto 4 degrees either side.
  • Lack of strength through a full range means that you are at risk of injury at certain points during your lift, most notably at the beginning and end of a rep.
  • By using a full ROM you recruit more muscle fibres within individual muscles. Full ROM when using compound movements incorporates more muscel groups and therefore you will get bigger and stronger faster.
  • Joint flexibility is improved along with muscle flexibility reducing the risk of injury and prolonging the time you will be able to train throughout your life.

If you are guilty and you know it, for your own sake sort it out. Ego should not get in the way of training as it breeds lies and that is not something that the gym should be about. By all means try and get better at what you do, but do it the right way. If you didn’t know you were guilty until you read this then come and see one of the trainers and we can sort it out pretty quickly for you. I did it and I am better for it of that there is no doubt.

Todays 5/3/1 program

Squats 3 x 115kg
3 x 132.5kg
3+ x 147.5kg (8 parallel reps)

Overhead squats 3×3 (60/70/70kg)

Clean to front squat (80kg)

Still feeling pretty fatigued after my rugby game on Saturday so left out the finisher today. Will be beasting myself early in the am tomorrow since no rugby in the evening.

No cheats, no compromises ,


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