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Back once again

I’m going to be honest with you, I have no idea what my last blog was about. Therefore, I’m going to inform you of my last three sessions and then write a piece regarding female training, as I have been informed that “female” orientated articles are some of the most popular on the blog. Last Friday I got to train with Dave’s Gym’s resident giant – Emil. For those of you who don’t know him, he is pretty big, fairly strong and just what you need when you want to push yourself hard in a session (projectgoliath.co.uk). Saturday and Tuesday morning I was down at The Boatshed Training Centre with Pete doing conditioning and 5/3/1 respectively (theboatshedfitness.co.uk). All three sessions were great as I managed to get something different out of each one, which is never a bad thing.

Friday: Personal bests and play time.

No game at the weekend meant an opportunity to train harder than usual. Teaming up with Emil for a one off session normally means big weights, lots of rest and in this case a new personal record for push jerks. Staying true to my current program 5/3/1 left me with 3 sets of push press to get out of the way and then the gloves were off. This is how it panned out.

Push press 2×3 (75/85kg)

1×3+ (90kg) 10reps

Max effort push jerk (125kg), worth mentioning I was wearing a belt and wrist straps, but it still counts as a raw lift.

Deadlift machine max weight 1×1 (380kg)

Bit of a waste of time really as it’s not a challenge for Emil and I was pretty confident I could do it.

22” Rack deadlifts 3×1 (210/220/250kg)

Max effort front squat 2×3 (100/110/120kg)

1×1 (140kg)

Saturday: Short and sharp group training

A new challenge was in store on this day, an unusual conditioning session to make up for the lack of rugby. The treat was that I got to train with my mates and add in that little bit of competition that you sometimes need to get a little bit my juice out of the orange. Pete is mad on his Crossfit at present and wrote a classic routine covering strength/endurance , bodyweight and cardio. My housemate joined us as well as Pete’s girlfriend so there was a good range of shapes, sizes and fitness levels. It went something like this:

12 minutes continuous work

12x100kg deadlifts

12x toes to bar on the Olympic rings

200m run with 10kg medicine ball.

I managed to stick with the toes to bar for two rounds but then become too frustrated to continue. This meant I changed to hanging knee raises instead.

Work total: 4 rounds + 1set of deadlifts

Tuesday: Back to 5/3/1

Squats were the order of the day with snatch routines as additional work

Squats 1×5 (122.5kg)

1×3 (140kg)

1×1+ (155kg) 4reps but all were ass to grass.

Overhead squat 3×3 (70kg)

Snatch balance x3 (50kg)

Snatch 3×3 (50kg)

If there are exercises here that you haven’t a clue about then please just ask at the desk and one of us will fill you in.


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