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Conditioning – become as fit as an Iron Tiger

Today is a conditioning day. Joy of joys. Given that I find most cardio only moderately less tedious then watching tectonic plates collide I have decided that I will be attempting to do the whole getting fit and losing lard thing by lifting more weights. Yay.
Also in my ongoing battle against technology I recorded a bunch of videos of the various exercises that I did today and then stoodby and watched Gaz post them for me. Curse you Mr Internet and your damn modern ways. I particularly love the way that you can see my massive ‘core’ hang over my shorts everytime I do any overhead pressing. Ah well, hopefully that will steadily diminish over the next few weeks (months).

This is what I did:

5 mins cycling

Loads of squats and lunges

Snatches – 3 sets of 3 reps

The Bear Complex – 3 sets of 4 reps @ 40kg. ‘Tis but a light weight but methinks it will take awhile for my cardio to catch up with my mighty strength.

Next up was a little complex using 20kg dumbells. This particular complex is not much more then glorified circuit training, no bad thing as it does take your heart rate up to stratospheric levels, but it wouldn’t be the ideal weapon of choise if you were looking to develop power/strength/size. It is, however, perfect for making mature gym owners sob quietly into their protein shakes.

Complex of Doom – 3 circuits of 6 reps on each of the following; squat clean and press, romanians, alt arm rows.

I make no secret over the fact that, here at Dave’s Gym, we love the T-nation website and that I personally steal, plagerise, loot, rob and recycle a lot of their ideas. Here is a great article on loaded carries by Dan John. Outside the front of the gym there are a 20 and 30mph roadsigns that are about 30 and 80 metres from our front door respectively and make handy destination points.

Today was play day with these movements so I only used 20kg dumbells, trust me they were still pretty demanding.
I did single arm carries to the 30mph sign (80m) for waiters/suitcase and rack carries and then two arm carries for double waiters/farmers/double rack and half farmers/half waiters to the 20mph sign (30m).

Thats all for now,

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