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Conditioning carnage with the Bish.

As luck would have it The Mighty Bish was in the mood for a conditioning style workout at the same time as myself, and so 2 huge behemoths of the gym world collide and the very fabric of the universe is torn asunder.
Well… I say the fabric of the Universe but what I actually mean is the fabric of my traps as 2 whole days have passed since doing this workout and I still can’t turn my head without wincing. This whole workout is built around the fact that you don’t need to do traditional cardio to get fit, anything that elevates your heart rate and then keeps it up there will get you fitter. Bish wanted to do some snatches and cleans, which are awesome explosive exercises that work the entire body at the same time, but I wanted to do lots of kettlebells and some loaded carries. In the spirit of compromise we decided to do the bloody lot, what could possibly go wrong.

5 mins cycling – Bish was already starting to complain about how unfit he is.

3 sets of squats and lunges with just body weight – Bish was beginning to complain about his tight groin, which I’ve already told him I refuse to rub better.

Mobility drills – 1 set of 10 reps with just a bar for; overhead squats, overhead lunges, side lunges, romanians, snatches, sott press.

Snatches – sets of 3 reps working up to 60kg. We did these with some snatch grip jumps and snatch grip high pulls.

Cleans – sets of 3 reps working up to 90kg for me and 100kg for Bish. All that bloody whinging and his rep just flew up, twat.

Kettlebells – 20 mins of random pain using a 24kg bell. The hardest bit was a 2 min rack hold which made me want to cry. Bish caved in and put his bells down first, victory to me! Which makes up for the cleans.

Loaded carries – Emil and Matt R. joined us for farmers walks and double waiters carries. We used 32.5kg and generally hurt ourselves.

It was a great session that left me in agony for two days and left Bish largely unscathed. How I hate young people.


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