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Giving board presses a crack

It’s been a good week for playing around with new exercises and today is no exception. Now, when I say new what I mean is new to me, board presses have been around since the dawn of time and more recently have been made popular by the boys from West-Side Barbell. To do a board press properly you need a series of wooden blocks of different thicknesses that have a handle attached. You then need a person to hold the block on your chest via said handle as you perform a bench press. What this does, obviously, is limit your ROM so you can, in theory, lift more weight. It is a brilliant exercise that will massively improve your lockout and make your triceps all huge and bulgy. Unfortunately I don’t have and boards yet, or any friends with which to hold them, but fortunately necessity is the mother of invention and so with a foam roller stuffed up my T-shirt I could do what is basically the same exercise. Anyway, see the video below and all should be made clear.

The workout:

5 mins cycling

Squats and lunges for warm up

Snatches for more warm ups

Board press – sets of 5 reps working up to 130kg

Complex for upper body pushing power – Board press/bench press/push press/medicine ball throws/press ups – do 10 reps of each with a minutes rest between exercises and 3 mins rest between circuits. Do 3 – 5 circuits.


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