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Half reps for a half wit.

My traps are broken and I’ve come to realise that you need them for pretty much everything. Driving to the gym? Traps. Brushing my teeth? Traps. Gaffer taping the kids to a lamppost so I can get this blog done in peace? Traps.
I blame Bish. I plan on firing him just as soon as I can look to my left without turning my entire body.
I only mentioned the other day how that I was feeling pretty good and that clean living, taking my vitamins and not having impure thoughts about Angelina Jolie was working wonders for my recovery levels. Hell, I wasn’t even feeling that sore following tough workouts. It seems pride does come before a fall because at the moment I’m feeling a tad tender. Just a tad mind you, nothing 3 days of ice baths and a good sports masseuse couldn’t cure.
My body maybe crumbling but my spirit remains indomitable and so with a song in my heart, fire in my belly and custard in my kneecap I feel it is time to unleash a thousand furies upon the gym floor.
Today is a benching day which, lets face it, is a pretty good day in any one’s book. I’m still fart-arsing around with partials and today’s version is The Stick a Foam Roller Up Your T-shirt While doing Bench Press one. The partial stuff I’ve been doing; seated lockouts, foam roller bench, rack pulls and, to a lesser extent, bench squats have had a dramatic effect on my strength. Weights I was struggling with 3 weeks ago now zip up as if assisted by gnarly guardian angels. I’ve been able to improve on every lift for the past 3 weeks and, up until now, I’ve managed to do it without injury or exhaustion. I think that I will de-load next week though rather than do my usual trick of forging ahead with reckless abandon and burning out half way through a set of front squats only to be found, some time later, curled around one of the legs of a power rack gently sobbing.
Ah well, whatever, here’s the session.

Foam roller press – sets of 3 reps and then 1 rep working up to 160kg

Chest complex of terror – foam roller press/bench press/push press/plyo press ups all done for max reps (3-10) with 1 min rest between exercises and 2 mins rest between complexes. 3 complexes done in total.

Lockout dips supersetted with pushdowns – 3 sets max reps

1 more workout, then a weekend off, then a week of de-load. Bring it on.

Yours in anticipated laziness,

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