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How training shoulders has broken my bottom

Seated partial shoulder press are rapidly becoming my new favorite exercise, I suspect it’s because they allow me to move quite a lot of weight. I also love them because they don’t hurt my poor decrepit shoulders, except for in a good way. I’m coming to the conclusion that the bottom bit of any shoulder pressing movement, the part where the bar is close to the neck, is just there to cause and aggravate injuries anyway. Balls to full range of movement (except for squats).

I’m also making more effort in trying to push my conditioning and I’ve even been spotted glancing furtively at the treadmills, although I’m sure nothing serious will come of it. But still…

Anyway with the obligatory pre-amble over with let’s hoist some iron:

5 mins cycling

Various squats and lunges to mobilise the crumbling knees

Snatches – 3 sets of 3 to remind my shoulders whose the boss

Seated partial shoulder press – Method: Stick an adjustable bench in a power-rack. Put the bench in the upright position. Sit on bench. Slide in the safety bars just above your head height. Rest a bar across them. Load up many kgs of manly lumps of metal. Push like crazy. I worked up in sets of 3 reps until I got up to 120kg.

Loaded carries – now using the still not very impressive weight of 24kg I did waiters/suitcase/half rack/farmers/full rack/2 handed waiters/half and half from the front of the gym to either the 20 or 30mph sign and back again.

Sprints – 6 whole sprints of about 50m. Not very many, as it happens, but the precise amount to break my buttocks.

Slowly getting fitter/more buggered,

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