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Kettlebells with Mr Strong.

This is my de-load week but I don’t feel the need to do a major de-load. I’m not as sore and broken as I normally am at this point in my schedule, which is good, and I think a testament to my current Workout Fuel Intake Protocol (patent pending, all rights reserved). However I have also, on many occasions, got my de-load completely wrong, trained way too hard and needed a de-load after my de-load.
My cunning plan this week is to still do my main 5/3/1 lifts but up the reps to about 10 and superset them with another exercise. This will provide me with the extra conditioning I need but give my CNS ( central nervous system ) a break from all the heavy stuff. I don’t want to count my sets or worry about the weight I’m lifting in these particular workouts, I’ll just start light, add some weight and go again until I get up to a resistance that has me grunting and then call it quits.
I’ll also chuck in about 20 mins of random conditioning every day, it doesn’t matter what just keep it fresh and eclectic. Today my gym manager Matt Strong was doing his thing in the gym and suggested a joint kettlebell blast to finish on. How could I say no.

Kettlebell circuit 1
Grab 2 bells the same weight, we used 16kg, and do 8 clean and press, rest 10 seconds and then do 7 more sets. Simple and yet effective. Both Matt and I reckoned we could have done this using the 20kg bells but the 24’s would have been savage.

Kettlebell circuit 2
Using 1 bell this time, we used the 16’s again, do 1 single arm swing, 1 clean, 1 snatch and then a swing change to swap hands. Do this for time – we did it for 7 mins as it happened to be the length of the Metallica song we were listening to.

Lovely little session which left me hot and sweaty but not irredeemably hammered.
See ya soon,

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