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Legs like piledrivers.

This is the end of week 2 in my current program, which is 5/3/1 speak for ‘the 3 rep week’. So far, in my experience, it’s the best of all the weeks and where the magic happens. You’re over the week of aches and pains following the adaption of a de-load week but haven’t began to get too tired from the pounding your body’s been taking.
Mind you, and I don’t want to tempt fate here, but I feel pretty good at the moment. Not too exhausted, injured or apathetic. I’m putting this down to nailing my pre and post workout nutrition. Carbs and protein before, during and after training with copious amounts of fish oils and BCAAs have left me feeling eager to train and not too sore.

Unlike deadlift day, which I have still to embrace with anything approaching love, I do enjoy a good squat session, and today was no exception. Here it is:

5 mins cycling

Many, many squats and lunges to warn my knees of the oncoming onslaught

Bench squats – sets of 3 reps working up to 120kg. I’m hoping I can get 140 next week. Vile.

Leg complex of lunacy – 5 reps of partial squats/bench squats/front squats/zercher squats and overhead squats. Rest 1 min between exercises, reducing the weight each time. Rest 3 mins after each complex. Do 3 complexes. Unspeakable.

Sandbag carries – 5 x 60m waddles. Horrible.

Victory and fruitcake,

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