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Nothing but Deadlifts

I had a lovely little session today although I wasn’t in the mood for it earlier on. I’ve been struggling on Tuesday’s to have a decent workout, maybe it’s because Monday’s session is always so damn hard, or it could be that on Tuesday mornings we do a bunch of gym maintenance jobs. Whatever the reason I was not feeling the joy and my glutes and lower back were hurting from yesterday, poor me. However today is a Deadlift day and I totally believe that any deadlifting is better than no deadlifting.
Here at the gym we have a deadlift machine which allows you to train heavier and in a more comfortable position then regular bar lifts. It is absolutely not a replacement for proper deadlifts which are much better in every single way – but sometimes you just gotta nurse yourself through a workout.

The workout couldn’t be simpler; start with an empty bar/machine, do 3 reps, increase the weight by 20kg (10 each side), do some other kind of exercise if you want, do 3 more reps of deadlift, repeat.

This is what I did:

Machine deadlift – 3 reps @ 20/40/60/80/100/120/140/160kg – I supersetted these with 10 reps on the TRX in various rowing style exercises

More machine deadlifts – 3 reps @ 180/200/220/240/260/280 and 1 rep @ 300kg – I supersetted these with gasping for breath and holding onto sturdy objects for support.

Below is a video of me doing 260 and 300kg just so you believe me.

I finished the workout feeling great and not to broken.
Yours in twinging sciatica,

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  • Chris on June 30, 2011

    Great job. The machine you’re using in the video looks like it would be great for training for car dead lifts.

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