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The Beast from the East

Good morning followers,

I begin with some sad news….Matt Strong is dead! Struck down by “prowler flu” for which there is no vaccine or known cure. I’d like to tell you it was quick, but it wasn’t. It was painful and drawn out.

As a sign of respect to Matt, let’s keep this brief.

5 Sets of:
200m run
20 x kettlebell swings (24kg)
Wearing 10kg weighted vest
1min rest

1. 1.27mins
2. 1.28mins
3. 1.25mins
4. 1.23mins
5. 1.18mins

3mins rest

20s sprint-10s rest x 8

3mins rest


5 x 60kg push
5 x 60kg pull

Time: 4.37mins (yeah its slow, but when you have done it you’ll know the score)

  • Total work done, as good as makes no difference, 13mins
  • Total rest during workout 10mins
  • End result blood guts and nightmares

No cheats, no compromise.

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