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Hello disciples of Dave,

Tuesday normally means a quick session in the early hours of the morning followed by lots of food and then rugby training in the evening. However, for the next six weeks I’m covering a class for a mate in the evenings and won’t be able to rugby train. No matter, I shall go it alone. Now when I think rugby conditioning I am of the opinion that the work load should best reflect what is asked of you in a game. Put simply, sprint somewhere, do something explosive, sprint somewhere else, recover, repeat. Now typically the sequence only needs to last for as long as the ball is normally in play for. For the level I play at there is a break in play on average every 45-60s. Rest periods are up for debate but for this particular workout we went off 90s.

Workout 1

50 kettlebell swings (32kg)
200m run
50 kettlebell swings (32kg)
200m row
50 kettlebell swings (32kg)
200m run

Workout 2

200m sprint (level 20)
10 x barbell clean + press (60kg)/ D/B clean + press (25kg)
200m sprint
90s rest

4 rounds to complete, alternating between barbell and d/b exercises each round
*I reduced the treadmill speed to lvl 18,17,17 for rounds 2,3,4.

That is all,


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