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De -load Week

Roath Park Lake

Lets face it, when it comes to de-load week I am terrible.

A de-load week should consist of a program of exercise which is completely different to your normal program. I see it as an opportunity to rest whilst still doing some form of training/ exercise to keep your fitness levels ticking over. In my case I train for strength and size which means I have just come off 3 weeks of high weight low rep training. I have hit lots of new 1 rep max’s but my body is tired and starting to show the signs of over training (joint pain, fatigue). So for my de – load week it makes sense for me to stay away from the big compound lifts and do some light isolation and conditioning work. This gives my central nervous system a break and gives me time to recover physically and mentally.
Thats the plan, however my week of de – load has just been a continuation of my strength training. My main problem for de load is that I really enjoy lifting weights. If I have not pushed myself past a certain level I feel unsatisfied and will continue training until I have reached that target. A prime example, on Monday I came in to do a rare cardio session. I completed 5 mins on the tread mill then ended up do 175 kg speed deadlift’s with Project Goliath. Again on wednesday I came in do some light ab work and ended up doing 105 kg farmers walks with Dan Bishop. Then on Thursday I ended up doing log press with Matt and Will. Testament to Dave’s its a highly motivated place to train full of inspirational types, but this is not a de – load.
So to avoid the temptation of lifting any heavy weights I have decided to re start my de -load week by not stepping foot in the gym. For me I find this quite hard as I only live around the corner and I do enjoy the daily banter at Dave’s. Instead I have set my self some alternative workouts that are not at all taxing to the body, but are most importantly different activities from lifting weights.
My first day on Saturday consisted of a walk around Roath Park Lake. No Marathon, but the sun was out and I reckon a brisk walk cover 3 miles in the warm spring sun is good for me.
The rest of my week is planned out like this.
Monday – Hill Walk, find a hill walk up it, come home.
Tuesday – Might swim at the 50 m pool in the bay (probably end up on the flumes)
Wednesday – If the weather is good I might try and kick a foot ball around the park.
Thursday – Trip to the bay and a stroll on to the barrage with a bag of chips.
Friday – Another walk this time Bute park, will walk up the Taff take in the sites and feed the ducks.
Hope fully this will give me a change of scenery and a fresh perspective. Everything can become routine even things we love. Some times its good to break the cycle and give your self some breathing space.
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