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Farmer’s walks

We have some new toys at Dave’s Gym. A nice chap called Steve, who is handy with a welding torch, has made us a pair of very sexy farmer’s walk handles. I’m quite the fan of any form of loaded carries but the king of them all is the farmer’s walk. Basically what you do is pick up something heavy and walk for as long as possible without putting them down. This is someway short of being revolutionary, as I’m sure you agree, moving while carrying heavy shit is what you do when you walk home from tescos or carry your kid home from school. The crucial difference with a farmer’s is the massive amount of weight you can use. For a farmer’s walk to be effective I reckon you want to use a weight that is greater then your deadlift weight. So if you can deadlift 160kg you should be carrying around 80-100kg in each hand. This is a brutal exercise that stresses every muscle in your body at the same and makes you walk like a drunk tramp on meths.

Farmer’s walk – We measured 20m outside the front of the gym and staggered up and down the road using increasingly more ridiculous weights. I built up to 105kg in each hand and Emil went up to 145kg – the big fat twat.

Partial seated press – After the farmer’s walks I didn’t have much time remaining so Emil and I decided to do some heavy partial shoulder pressing. We set the bar just above head height and did sets of 3 reps working up to 140kg. Then we raised the starting point of the bar until it was just the top 3-6 inches of the pressing movement and ramped up the weight all the way to 190kg, which is a hell of a weight to shoulder press. In truth because I’m about 5 inches shorter then Emil my ROM was about 2.5 inches, I will still claim to have shoulder pressed 190kg.

Yours in deluded self congratulations,

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