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Hench celebs No 1. Dr Dre

This new regular post will look at celebrities who have significantly changed their physiques and become committed lifting iron. It maybe that the person in question has had to bulk up for a movie role, or has come out of rehab and undertaken a life changing fitness regime. What ever the reason we salute the hench celeb!

This weeks hench celeb is Hip Hop icon Dr Dre. For those who are not familiar Dre was a key figure in establishing the Ganster Rap genre of hip hop with controversial group NWA. He pioneered the G Funk sound which consisted of a mix of smooth melodies, laid back synth and neck snapping drums. The co founder of Death Row Records in the mid nineties, Dre was vital to launching the careers of 2 PAc, Snoop Dogg and many more.

Early, skinny Dr Dre, World Class Wreckin Crew
A fatter Dre in the mid nineties.
After a 5 year break he returned in the late 90’s /2000 with a new sound and a host of new artists including Eminem, 50 Cent and The Game.
Dre in the late 90’s
Dre then returned to the studio for the next 8 years focussing on making music for other artists. Forward to 2010 Dr Dre is back with a new album and new physique. Internet forums have been bustling with rumours about whether or not Dre has used steroids. Dre is clearly in good shape and has worked hard to get where he is today roids or not. The rehab scenes in his new video show him in the gym busting out some weighted dips and cable fly’s, during which a well formed learn triceps muscle can be seen busting out of his shirt.


He has clearly been working on his legs.
2010 !
Good work Dre, Dave’s Gym salutes you!
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  • outdoor gym equipment on January 9, 2013

    This is great to see such a transition, its weird how i assumed he was always quite a well built man, however seeing the early pictures he has definitely been working to get where he is!

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