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Principles and Program

I don’t follow a program. Or i do, but i follow hundreds in rapid succession. I discover a new exercise or a new rep scheme or feel crap so change my workout or feel amazing so double my workout. Overall this means writing out my ‘training program’ is entirely pointless as it’s out of date the second it hits paper. To this end i have a set of GYM PRINCIPLES and as long as i follow these i can’t go far wrong…
Here goes:

1. Squat
This is my first rule.  If in doubt squat. This is the greatest exercise ever to be invented and it will never be surpassed. And i’m not simply talking about training legs… i’m talking specifically about squatting. It’s massively functional and anyone can do it. When babys first start to walk often they squat down to pick things up. Every time you get off the toilet you squat. If you are ever in doubt about your next workout or program use this simple principle and squat 3 times a week. It makes no difference what else you do.

Squat much?
2. Eat like a champion
If you are training hard then you need to eat hard. I’m not talking about the latest magic supplement, i’m talking good solid food and consistently. If you want to get big and strong then you need to eat like a bear. Look at the field of competitors for Worlds Strongest Man. NONE of them are below 130kg. Here’s the secret…. milk. Blue top. More calories and just as much protein as a protein shake and much better for you over all. Here’s the other secret…. chocolate milk… like milk but tastier. And don’t worry about protein. If you eat lots you’ll get enough. If you are on a weight loss plan then protein shakes are you.
Om nom nom nom
3. Lift heavy, lift hard. If you can’t, then rest.
It doesn’t matter what weight you lift. No one cares. Work hard for you. Train hard for you. If you are feeling tired or demotivated figure out why. Have you not eaten enough? Have you had a heavy night on the lash? Have you slept for only 3 hours? Now that you know why you feel crap, fix it. However, if you have done everything perfectly and still feel tired THEN REST! Take a week off, mix up the training, do something different.
Range of motion is key. If your bench press doesn’t touch your chest then it’s not a bench press. If your squat does not break parallel then it’s not a squat. If you don’t use a full ROM then it’s not training, it’s posing. As a general rule the bigger the ROM the better. In addition if you can get a bigger ROM with a lighter weight then you shouldn’t go heavier until you are hitting that full ROM.
5. Probably the most important rule. ENJOY IT.
If you don’t enjoy it then there is no point. If you are doing a workout which you don’t like then change it. If you are getting bored or annoyed then mix it up. Gym and training is all about the journey, there is no ‘final destination’. I’ve always said if i reached ‘x’ bench press or ‘y’ weight then i would stop…. BOLLOCKS! I just want to get bigger and stronger. This will never end. Just as well i enjoy it then eh!
These are what I follow. Apart from this, use big exercises and you can’t go wrong. For more banter and tips etc check the site at www.projectgoliath.co.uk and join the facebook group.
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