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The week so far.

It’s been a frustrating week for getting my own training done. I seem to have been at the gym a lot but don’t seem to have managed that time particularly well and have ended up not doing justice to my new program. Running out of time for training has also meant that my eating has taken a hit as well, but not in my usual way. Generally if I don’t plan what I’m doing with regards to my diet then I revert to eating crap.  I’ve managed to stick to my ‘Paleo plus supplements’ plan just not well enough. I need to eat more regularly as all I’ve managed recently is 2 meals and my Workout Fuel Protocol, not bad but not great, if I’m going to survive this training then I need to get a bit more organised.

Even though my training has been somewhat truncated I’ve still put in some decent sessions and as long as my diet and supplements sort themselves out then I should still make progress. Starting a new program is always an interesting time (well, it is for me because I’m sad and geeky and obsessed ), as what looks good on paper may not translate into a worthwhile workout.

The week so far

Monday – squats, I used this day as an attempt to really work on my squat depth so my weights were lighter ( went up to 140kg only ) but I spent a long time in the bottom part of the movement staining to get lower and pushing my knees out. As a consequence my legs were mashed to the point of oblivion. After squats it was Farmer’s walk time and I did 6 x 20m with 105kg. God’s balls these are agony.

Tuesday – conditioning, I enjoyed this workout a lot. 3 – 5 mins of hard ( hard for me, probably not that hard at all), cardio followed by a 1 minute front squat hold and then repeated. Words can do no justice as to the horror that front squat holds inflict upon the body, but I’ll try. I saw a long, dark tunnel and at the end there was a bright light and I felt safe and I felt that the light wanted me, then the minute was over, the bar could be racked, the light receded and waves of pain crashed over the harbour of my mind. Or something equally fatuous.

Wednesday – pressing stuff, I trained with Danny ‘Zucko’ today, the world’s most enthusiastic man – it was like training with a Labrador puppy. We did a nice little ramp that went; jerks, bench press, partial bench press. Doing heavy jerks prior to benching has an ego crushing effect on your 1 rep max. Ah well.

Thursday – conditioning, I’ve got deadlifts on Friday so I didn’t want to do anything mental that would leave me a dribbling goon. It seems to me that we, as trainers and gymrats, always belittle straight cardio and always try to re-invent  fitness training. I concede that endlessly pounding away on a treadmill is as dull as fuck and that doing crossfit/metcon/circuits/complexes etc is a better method of training BUT if you get on a simple gym bike and keep your heart rate above 85% of your max then, I promise you, you will feel like you’ve been hit by a truck. Cardio training is precisely that, cardio. You don’t always have to over complicate things.

That’s all folks,

  • Kane on March 17, 2011

    I was sad to hear your time of 5/3/1 has passed for now,but much thanks to both your writings and Gaz’s i’m heading into my first deload week full of enthusiasm for what the weeks after will bring in terms of new rep records and bigger weights,5/3/1 lives and I hope I do the program justice. Still obsessed with how good the workout fuel protocol is too,it has made a world of difference to my recovery and mood…im still short though,i live in hope as the potocol seems to fix everything else for me 🙂

    With the front squat hold,is that stood upright with a loaded bar or at the bottom of the movement? It sounds a brutal and fun exercise

  • Daves Gym on March 18, 2011

    Matt here Kane, the front squat holds are to be done in an upright position with the glutes fully contracted and hips extended. Control your breathing and use the safety pins to push yourself all the way to failure.

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