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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Speed training. Dynamic squats.

One of the more unusual parts of Westside training is the inclusion of speed, or dynamic, days. On a typical Westside program you would do 2 heavy days (max effort) and 2 speed days (dynamic). Typically on a speed day you would not use more then 50% of your 1 rep max weight and the […]

Max effort bench. Partials, bands and boards.

We have some new toys at the gym for we have taken delivery of  some very big, very strong elastic bands. These are not the regular elastic bands that you may find wrapped around a bunch of letters (unless you were being mailed entire trees bundled together like chopsticks), but massive, thick, gnarly, intimidating elastic […]

Guns, guns, guns.

On my current Westside training kick there is not much in the way of bicep training, which would normally suit me fine. Generally speaking I’m not that fond of training the ol’ gunaroonies – too much pain and not enough pay off. But, and this is typical of me, because there isn’t any direct bicep […]