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deadlift for victory part 2.

Challenge – 130 skips and 13 reps on all other exercises. Go here for more info.

Ahh… I love the smell of spinal fluid in the mornings. It smells like…Victory.

I just might, just maybe, be starting to hate deadlifts a little less. I’m over the worst of the aches and pains of my first week back training, after a bit of time off, and I’m ready to declare war on my vertebra. My main issue with deadlifts, and I’ve moaned about this a lot in this blog so bear with me loyal blogranauts, is that I’m a bit shit at them. And because I’m a bit shit at them I’ve spent years and years not doing them, which has resulted in my continuing shitness at doing them. And so it goes. But no more! I will stare down the grim, drooling deadlift beast and slay it with my  +10 Vorpal Sword of Righteous Annihilation. Or to be slightly more accurate, will do a lot of reps until I get halfway decent at them. The plan is to do 10,000 reps over the next 12 months. I did 117 reps today, so if I add that to the 123 reps I did 2 weeks ago, I’ve only got a measly 9760 reps to go. Bollocks.

Anyway, here’s the workout;

10 mins cardio

Challenge reps

Deadlifts – working up in sets of 5, then 3, then 1 up to a mighty 210kg. Oh yeah, I’m a deadlift animal.

More deadlifts – 5 sets of 10 @ 102.5kg. Horrible. Followed with 2 sets of 20 @ 60kg. Ghastly.

And thus comes to an end my week of taking it easy. Next week I shall unleash the new terrors of this Earth.

Dave Carter.

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