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Events training – Project Goliath

Post comp training
I’ve been in absolute bits since the comp last sunday and have been reading about people who competed doing massive training sessions since. It’s very depressing but i’ve got to realise that i just don’t recover as quickly as them and i shouldn’t try to compete in that respect (slow and steady wins the race blah blah blah). I did one session on Thursday 4 days post-comp and just did a couple of rack pulls from about 14 inches followed by some lat pull downs. I didn’t feel particularly great. My lower back was still sore, i was still knackered and i wanted to save myself for the events session on Sunday. It’s all a bit slow but hopefully from next week i’ll be back and strong

The plan from now on is basically deadlift deadlift deadlift. I’ll hopefully be combining a load of 18inch rack pull singles with sets of 5 off the floor (on a weekly rotation) plus a lot of heavy accessory work including rows, stiff legged deads, good mornings and romanians. Not quite sure how it will look on paper but i’m training tomorrow so i’ll figure it out then.

Events training on sunday was a great laugh and was quite productive. One of my big comps this year is the Welsh Open so on sunday we set up some of the events that would be coming up.

Arm Over Arm
Quite a good event for me as i used to do a bit of rowing. Quite happy to make this more of a squat then a single arm row. As you’ll see from the video, apart from a bit of over-pull when my legs fly up, the sled moves pretty sharpish.

Twinged my bicep on this run but at the time of writing (day after) it’s absolutely fine.

Overhead Medley
Another fun event, this consists of:
80kg concrete block, 100kg keg, 120kg axle, 140kg log, 80kg inch dumbbell.
Each of these need to be cleaned and pressed in turn within 90 seconds… Individually i can do each of them with relative ease, however, put them all together and it’s a whole different story….

Below is the warm  up video. 80kg block, 80kg keg, 100kg axle, 120kg log and 65kg inch dumbbell. It’s all done quite slowly with a controlled put down. Only lifted a block a few times before in my life so really need to get used to it. Rest of it was no problem.

We then set up a “comp weight” run with a 100kg block, 110kg keg, 120kg axle, 140kg log and 65kg inch dumbbell. The run is below. I fumbled the block, then i fumble the keg and take ages over it, then i 3-motion the axle (which i can clean in one, god knows why i didn’t) and then i fail the log…. overall: epic fail. Oh well, room for improvement.

As you can see, not the greatest but not the end of the world, it’s all within reach and with technical improvements it should be sorted by the comp.

These two events took bloody ages as there was loads to set up, Rob did some farmers walk but i pussied out because my hands hurt (i know, pathetic), we then went onto stones….

Atlas stones
I was looking forward to the stones and had a decent session on them, quite a few pbs for me. Firstly after missing the stone on the medley in the cheshire comp i had a go at ‘shouldering’ a stone. The video below shows me getting a 135kg stone up there. After this i ‘one-motioned’ a 155kg stone where i got it from the floor to the platform in one movement without lapping it. Finally i got the 205kg stone on my second attempt. Unfortunately we were covered in tacky so the filming was difficult. Rob was dangling my camera (iphone) upside down so as not to touch it, then, just as i’m about the finish the stone rep the camera moves and you don’t see me finish the rep. You do see me just afterwards though. It’s really quite comical how ‘convenient’ the camera movement is. Oh well, now that i’ve broken the mental barrier and fine tuned the technique, i’ll get this again in the the future and film it properly. I need to practice so i can get some consistency with it.

This ended a good session. I rested today (monday) and am looking to be training tomorrow (tuesday). Probably deadlifts…

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