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First workout after a week off.

Greetings Blogranauts,
I’ve had a week off training, being at the gym, diet, supplements and everything exercise connected. It’s been great but I’m feeling the pain at the moment. Usually when I de-load I do some form of training, albeit at diminished levels. This time I did absolutely nothing – except decorate Max and Conrad’s bedroom. Coming back after a lay off is always a bitch, even a week off is enough to decondition you alarmingly. This makes the first few workouts quite tricky, if you train like an unhinged maniac then you won’t be able to blink without it hurting for the rest of the week. If, on the other hand, you ease too¬†gently into it then you’ll get no benefit from your time off. Trust me, time off is a useful and valuable weapon to have in your arsenal. You’ll probably be stronger with the rest. Your motivation and enthusiasm should be off the scale. Little niggly injuries may have miraculously healed themselves. Being de-conditioned, and therefore more likely to get sore after a workout, may result in swifter adaption to exercise.
All in all having a bit of time off, every now and again, may not be a bad thing.
The other thing I like about having some time off is I get all excited about planning my first few sessions back (this is, unfortunately, completely true. Other people probably think about fun stuff like walking up mountains or covering Playboy bunnies in chocolate sauce – I plan my next workout.). My plan for this week is to train little and often. I’m going to do just 1 main exercise per day and over 6-10 sets build up to a max weight, keeping the reps between 3-5. I find it’s doing higher reps and higher volume that makes me sore, which is normally not a problem, but after a week off the DOMS may well kill me. Cardiovascular fitness can decrease after 48 hours, so to counter a drop in my fitness I’m going to do at least 20 mins of cardio each day. On top of that I will be doing the Dave’s Gym Challenge of Eternal Madness every day (more of this on another post).

Today was squats. No surprise there then. I did 10 sets of squats; 3 sets of 5 rep front squats, 3 sets of 3 rep full squats, 3 sets of 1 rep sumo squats and 1 set of 20 rep normal squats. I worked up to 180kg, which felt nice and easy, and then stripped back down to 60kg for the 20 rep set (also easy). My legs felt alright as I was doing them and, as I write this on the following day, don’t feel too ghastly now.

It’s good to be back,
Dave Carter.

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