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New toy in the gym.

My new toy!!

In other news, my thick handled dumbbell arrived on Wednesday so i had a go at single arm pressing it.

Project Goliath Dumbbell

Thats it above set up with 75kg. Handle is about 2 inches thick which is slightly thinner then an ‘Inch’ dumbbell. All very confusing but generally the thicker the handle the more difficult a dumbbell is to press. And the Inch dumbbell is named after Thomas Inch and nothing todo with an ‘inch’.

Thomas Inch Dumbbell.

Anywho. You can load it up to 100kg, which is good to know in terms of progression. As you can see above, i did a bit of weight tapering, so i had a 2.5kg and a 5kg closest to the handle to allow a bit of wrist movement and therefore more comfort on the shoulder before you press it. If i was to go much heavier then it would have to be all 10kg plates so it’ll become harder to lift purely because of the awkwardness. Onto the video. This is me getting the 75kg press. It took me about 6 attempts just getting used to the bloody thing. Also as you can see, flip flops and raining. Not ideal. 😀

The aftermath was a bit of a poorly finger and a bit of strapping where the DB dug into me. Dunno why i took a picture.

All in all, happy with my new tool, very happy with my sports massage. I’m planning to deload and rest all of next week and take a week off events training as well to try and help my lower back recover fully. I’ve also got a few more sessions lined up for sports massage so it’s all looking good!

Check out the rest of the blog on www.projectgoliath.com (and join the facebook group www.facebook.com/projectgoliath)

Last but not least…

I had a sports massage session with S.M.A.R.T Recovery on Monday. Cannot recommend them highly enough. My lower back has been niggling for a long time as i’m sure you’re aware from all my moaning about it so i figured i’d have a go and try and get it rubbed out. There was nothing serious wrong with it, just a sort of chronic DOMS and a stiffness after sitting or lying for a long time. 
Anyway, i got the rub done and she started on the left side and it felt fine even with her full body weight on it. At this point i felt like a bit of a fraud as it looked as if there was nothing wrong with me. Then she got onto the right side and right at the bottom, just above my pelvis, was a small section of lower back that was as craggy as mount everest. Just a bundle of knots. Needless to say it was bloody painful but she smashed it to pieces and worked it out and straight away it feels more comfortable. For example i can actually stand up straight after getting up from a chair whereas before it took me a couple of seconds before i could straighten up (how much of an old man do i sound like!!!). 
I highly advise getting in touch with them for all your rehab and sports massage needs. As i mentioned, they operate from Dave’s Gym but i believe they are/will be mobile soon as well. There is a link to their facebook page and they will have flyers at the front desk in the gym.

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