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Indoor Rowing II
Hopefully, many of you interested in using the rowing machine enjoyed the pyramid and sprint sessions posted last week. This weeks’ sessions focus on applying efficient power. Therefore we will be working on getting the 500m split times as low as possible whilst capping the rate at which you move up and down the slide. (spm)
      30mins @ spm 18 – 20. Although this is a low rate, you are trying to apply big powerful strokes for the entire 30 mins. You’ve worked hard enough with this session when you struggle to walk afterwards. Make sure you record your total distance achieved and average split time.
2)      3 x 1000m rate capped @ 24 spm. Hard session as the rate cap means that it is NOT a sprint but you are trying to put max power down with every stroke. To set this up on the machine, go to ‘select new workout’, ‘intervals distance’, type in 1000m and rest 3 mins. Again, done properly you’ll feel as though you need an extra pair of lungs when your 250m into the last 1k.
Similar to last week, constantly evaluate your technique in the mirror and make sure you record your results.
Remember that 70% of the power must come from the legs so SMASH the legs down on both of these sessions.
Focus on hamstring stretches after both of these sessions.
One final note to all Dave’s gym rowing ninjas , if you have any time to spare this Friday 8th or Saturday 9th come down to Cardiff Uni Students Union where I will be attempting to erg for 24 hours. I will start on Friday at 8pm and will be finishing on Sat 8pm, the rules stipulate that I have to erg in every hour, with this in mind I am aiming to break 250,000 metres.
All money raised will be split 50/50 between Cardiff Uni Rowing Club and Help for Heroes. I am going to suffer from some ungodly blisters and fatigue therefore YOUR support in getting me through this challenge will be warmly welcomed!!
Happy erging,
Tom C.
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