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Many apologies my little blogranauts, I have been an absent blogger as of late and I prostrate myself before you in humble non-worthiness. Although I have been a little slack on the writing front my training has been going really well. I’m currently following a training system called The Westside Method and have been doing so for about 4 weeks now. To be honest it’s taken me that long to get to grips with it. Not that it’s complicated, it’s just that I’m a typical bloke and plunged head first into it without reading the instruction manual first. Having now taken the time to actually read Louie Simmons excellent book ” The Westside Barbell Method” I should be able to do the training properly.

Here’s a few of the things I was doing wrong;

  • My workouts were way too long. It should all be done and dusted in about an hour.
  • I was taking too much time in working up to my max effort weight.
  • I was going too heavy on my dynamic days and not using enough speed.
  • I wasn’t doing enough conditioning.
  • My diet is best described as erratic.

The list could go on for quite a lot longer, but I will spare you my shortcomings and deal with what the future has in store for me and Westside.

This week is going to be used as a sort of soft de-load. I’m feeling pretty good at the moment and most of my usual injuries have faded to a dull roar, but it’s been awhile since I’ve done a de-load, so a week of taking it a little bit easier is well overdue.

I managed to get into the island gym on both Saturday and Sunday this week, which was a rare treat. I love training there, mainly because no one knows me so I can smash it up without any interruptions. On Saturday I had to drop my daughter off at ballet, so only had about 45mins in which to train before picking her back up again. I always seem to train best when working to a deadline, it helps sharpen the mind and focus the concentration. I decided to do deadlifts as it had been quite some time since I had attempted any. To keep the blood pumping and the workout flowing I supersetted these with jerks to try and work on my explosive power. As usual I started light and added weight each set until I hit my max effort. I was pleasantly surprised to get the deadlift up to 210kg (462lbs) with what felt like a few more miles in the tank. Unfortunately I ran out of time and had to go and pick up Prima-ballarina Joss from her class.

I really want to get my deadlift up to 227.5kgs (500.5lbs) as having a 500lbs deadlift was always something I saw as being a defining strength moment. Soon.

I had a little more time on Sunday, but not much as I had to take one of my sons to Rugby. It’s all go at Carter HQ. I did speed bench, sort of, and a bunch of other chest and bicep exercises. I’ve still to really nail my technique down on the speed bench and find that changing my hand spacing and the weight each set helps me find my groove. The weight went from 60kg up to 100kg and back down to 60kg again. I felt I was at my fastest at around 70-80kg but can’t be sure.

On Monday I will start my baby de-load and get ready to unleash a thousand furies in the coming weeks.

Yours snarlingly,
Dave Carter.

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