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Dynamic Bench. Speedy pressing on Barry Island.

 Barry Island. Just like Bondi Beach but with fewer sharks.

As you may well know, I live on the 8th Wonder of the World that is Barry Island. The Island has a fine little gym that I enjoy training in from time to time. I love the fact that nobody really knows me down there so I can smash through my workout without any interruptions.
One of my problems with Westside training is that if I’m not careful it’s easy for the weight on a dynamic day to begin creeping up. The idea is to only use between 50-60% of your 1RM, which for me would be about 75-100kg. The thing is that once your into the session the weights begin to feel a bit on the light-side, so the weight increases and the speed decreases and then, voila, no more dynamic training.
One of the ways that I’m trying to minimise this is to bring the bar to a complete stop on my chest and hold it there for a quick 1-2-3 before blasting it upwards as hard as I can. Using less then max effort poundage’s is also an excellent opportunity to dial in my benching tekkers and work on my bridge.

As I was the only bugger in the gym on this morning I took it upon myself to try to use every last bit of kit in the gym.

Warm up – 10 back extensions + 10 sit ups + 5 snatches + 5 good mornings + 5 bench press.
I did this as a sort of sloppy circuit, walking from exercise to exercise and keeping the weight lightish. On the bench press my technique was much tighter and I added the kilos until I got up to my working weight.

Speed bench press supersetted with speed deadlifts – I’m not entirely sure what was going through my head at this point as this was ridiculously savage. Anyway, putting myself in traction not withstanding, I did about 1000 sets and went way too heavy. Stupid, stupid man.

Every bit of kit in the gym even the ones that I don’t know how to use – many sets of many reps until exhaustion.

Dave Carter.

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